10 August 2010


Well I guess I can say I was pretty lucky for having a relatively illness free pregnancy. However with the removal of one large-ish baby it now appears that my suppressed immune system has 'unsuppressed' itself. I am now battling a sore throat which I think is turning into tonsilitis and a head ache. Not pleasant coupled with the demanding needs of a feeding baby that is HUNGRY. The worst is that I can't drive to the doctor and I can't exactly take the bus into town as both driving and long walking are currently prohibited by my c section recovery.

03 August 2010

New arrival

I'm excited to announce the arrival of my second daughter, born on 26 July by c section and weighing in at a whopping 8 lb 5 oz. I didn't get my VBAC in the end, this little girl was far to comfortable in there. Friends were calling her the 'Howard Hughes' of babies, and the world's most elusive baby. She was remarkably 8 days overdue, as was her stubborn independent sister, which leads me to believe I will be having my hands full during the teenager years. So far though she is relatively placid and calm, a refreshing change from a toddler who is constantly ignoring/disputing every suggestion or order her mother makes. Breastfeeding is going wonderfully for us although it is so different feeding a newborn again. I think with an older child one becomes lazy - after a while they just seem to basically feed themselves. Now I actually have to pay attention to hunger cues, perfecting the art of guiding baby to boob, and making sure I am holding baby in a comfortable position. It seems strange to me now that I am back to broken sleep and days spent sitting on the couch, I am raring to go out and do things! I am trying to be patient though as with a second section I don't want to overdo it. Nono and Gigi will be here approximately 3 weeks from today and I can't wait!