21 July 2010

Big Sister waiting for the baby to arrive...

As you can see she has all her baby dolls lined up, just waiting for one more baby to complete her collection.

18 July 2010

18 July 2010

Today is 'supposedly' the day.

However, I still plan on making my reflexology appointment tomorrow so what does that say?

And husband and I still need to paint the back bedroom, 'Gigi & Nono's Room'. I am currently in the process of trying to clean the downstairs so I can give the floor a well needed mopping. Despite this effort I am continually thwarted at every turn by a well meaning two year old who has left a trail of crayons and pens a mile long. Bending over to pick things up is nearly impossible at this stage as I am not only finding it painful but the coffee that I drank with breakfast keeps threatening to make its burning way into my esophagus.

13 July 2010

Open Letter

Dear Unborn Child,

I know I said I would have some patience these last couple of weeks. But according to my hospital records I am due in 5 days time. Yes, I know that sometimes these dates aren't entirely accurate. But let's face it - this is the end. Everyone I know pregnant and due in July - bar one person- has had their baby. I want my baby. Now I know this is entirely selfish, but I also want be able to roll over in bed and not make a bathroom trip for hours on end. I also am DYING to start breastfeeding again (and try out my super cool new medela pump in style advance metro pump). So let's speed things up in there, I don't really fancy going 8 days over like on your big sister and I'd like to try to avoid a section at all costs.


Your loving mother.