05 October 2006

A well timed rant from a cousin of mine...

I thought I would share this snip of an email I received from my cousin. I can't tell you how great it is to know that I have like-minded lefties in my family.

I can not believe the insanity of our President and other high ranking officials. That they could even think of attempting yet another war, and this time with nuclear missiles pointed ready to launch at Iran. What do they think this could accomplish? I'm absolutely sick thinking of all the lives and blood that could, and probably will be taken from these innocent men, women, and children of Iran. How does it make any sense to force a country to stop the production of nuclear weapons by pointing our own at them? It's completely nuts. If this complete idiot of a human being represents the country in which i live, then i can't stand living here. Why are there not more politicians taking a stand and trying to impeach this asshole. Our last President was almost kicked out for having "relations with another woman", but this guy gets away with killing hundreds of thousands of innocent people. I guess in Washington adultery is a far worse crime than murder. I am for the first time in 3 years glad that my own father is no longer alive to witness this absolute bull-shit. I can only imagine what he would have to say about this. He always said "Wars are fought for flags and gods." and that was for the most part true until now, but this is not war, this is fucking genocide, and why not kill a few thousand of our own troops in the process. I apologize for the vulgar language but I am just so angry right now. We can't just sit aside and do nothing anymore, it's not going to get any better unless we do something.Thank You.